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FurBar Page 1 by Fisherella

I love this so much! I loved watching all the Aqua series of shows on [adult swim]. Carl is the freakin’ MAN! He’s balls-out funny, and...

Welcome aboard the Becky by Karbo
by Karbo

Looks like something out of “Strike Witches” but with pirates. I love the concept you did with this. Have you considered making a manga...


Link and Sheik by DragonLord1975
Link and Sheik
Although my Zelda project Twilight Zodiac is still under renovations, I have made its main characters, Link and Sheik.

Using the original Link from the original Zelda game, I decided to rework it to make Sheik. Once I figure out how to program games, a player can choose Link or Sheik to start the quest. I figured it's time Zelda got in on the action anyway.

Legend of Zelda series © Nintendo
LOZ Twilight Zodiac © John Mercer/Dragonland Studios

Use with permission
Galaga the Way It Should Be, Baby! by DragonLord1975
Galaga the Way It Should Be, Baby!
Since there are so much references of Galaga in the anime Space Dandy, I decided to remake the Galaga game, but use the Aloha Oe as the fighter instead of the standard Galaga fighter.

GALAGA © Namco Bandai
Ever since Sailor Moon relaunches the old anime now uncut and uncensored, people are reliving Moonie Fever! And there's still Sailor Moon Crystal coming next month.

I've been all over the Net seeing works on DeviantArt and reading stories on FanFiction.Net that have Sailor Moon and her fellow Senshi in crossover situations, like for example the Sailor Moon/DBZ crossover "Legend of the Moon Queen" (written by :iconmaelstromknight:) which have the Senshi as Saiyan warriors.

This got me thinking: What would the Senshi wear if they wound up in other anime worlds? And what would their powers be?

Although this sounds like a contest, it's not. I don't have a budget for it, and besides it's fun! So if you like to see the Senshi in other outfits from other anime, go on out and show your stuff!

My idea was for the Senshi to become Sailor Shinobi in the World of Naruto, and that their powers would be translated to special jutsu. Some jutsu already in Naruto would be used by some Senshi like the Hidden Mist Jutsu for Ami/Mercury.


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